Why Team Work is Important ?

  • Increase in Productivity
  • More Ideas & Creativity
  • Higher Quality Outcome
  • Greater sense of Accountability
  • Distribution of Work
  • Quicker Solutions

What is a Good Team

  • Work Effortlessly
  • Trust
  • Good Communication
  • Supportive
  • Participation
  • Innovative 

How to Form a Good Team ?

  • Clear Expectation
  • Commitment
  • Competence
  • Control
  • Collaboration

Role of Team Leader







Role of RSM

  • Over all operations of market, create & maintain budgets of their respective depots. Co-ordinate with senior management in the company.
  • He will be responsible for making strategies & will take report from all A.S.M. and compile it after that he will send it head office with his own remarks.
  • He will send all performance report of staff to head office.
  • Build sales culture and sales centric atmosphere among sales team.
  • Conduct market research to understand market trends, all competitors activities with schemes.
  • He will take day to day reports from your concerned A.S.M.

Role of ASM

  • He will be responsible for overseeing the sales operation in a particular geographical area.
  • To manage & assume overall responsibility for the success of their markets by directing all operational aspects of each market & driving sales with minimum cost.
  • You will be responsible for staff & you will work closely with other senior managers. Your duties will include setting sales targets of sales team, maximising sales & profitability.
  • He will manage all his sales team in order to achieve targets.
  • Developing creative sales team/strategies for the assigned territories to achieve given targets of sales & collection target.
  • Sales & collection plan on monthly basis and same to be given to R.S.M
  • Maintaining relations with parties for repeat and increase sales.
  • Your reporting will be to R.S.M & also to senior management from time to time.

Role of Sales Staff

  • Your reporting will be to your immediate boss.
  • Before finalising any party his senior will visit the party after that he will send the distributor form to head office.
  • Reporting on daily basis should be done.
  • No direct approach to senior management if you have any issues you will tell to your  immediate boss.
  • He will introduce all new products of the companies well as schemes from time to time.
  • Travelling bills should be submitted every month filling all the columns properly.
  • The staff who leaves the company reason what so ever he will collect post dated cheques of the parties for balance outstanding along with N.O.C and account confirmation.
  • No cash transaction is allowed at any cost without permission.