Oswal Crop Azoxybin Top - Azoxystrobin 18.2_ + Difenoconazole 11.4_ SC

Azoxybin Top

Azoxystrobin 18.2% + Difenoconazole 11.4% SC



Cotton, Chilli, Sugarcane, Tomato, Paddy, Maize, Wheat, Onion, Turmeric



1 ml/Liter in 500 L



Powdery mildew, Late BLIGHT, Anthracnose, Sheath blight, Grey mildew, Red rot, Smut, Rust, Leaf Blotch, Purple Blotch, Downey Mildew, Early blight


Weather condition- Do not spray during windy and rainy weather; Soil- spray when there is sufficient moisture in the soil; Crops stage, application technique & timing, equipment, Nozzle type, instruction for mixing & frequency including a number of sprays- Measure out the required quantity of the product and mix it well with a small quantity of water. Add the remaining quantity of water as specified with thorough agitation for total coverage of the crop. Give 1-2 sprays (depending on disease pressure, repeat the spray) with a knapsack or any other suitable sprayer having a hollow cone or any other suitable nozzle at the time when crops are infested with above-mentioned diseases; Re-entry period- Do not enter the field until spray droplets are dried. Dangerous to re-use empty containers. The used packages shall not be left outside to prevent their reuse and shall be broken and buried away from habitation.


Azoxystrobin 18.2% w/w + Difenoconazole 11.4% w/w SC is a broad-spectrum fungicide having systemic activity against major pathogens. It is recommended for the control of Anthracnose and powdery mildew of chili; Early blight and Late blight of Tomato; blast & sheath blight of Paddy; blight & downy mildew of Maize; Rust & Powdery Mildew of Wheat.

Time of Applications:

Repetitive use at 10-day intervals under moderate to heavy disease. Pressure and at 15-day intervals under low disease pressure.