Oswal Crop Black Gold - Buprofezin 25_ SC

Black Gold

Buprofezin 25% SC



Cotton, Grapes, Chilli, Mango, Rice



Cotton 400 ml/HA, Rice 320 ml/HA, Chilli 120-240 ml/HA, Mango 1-2 ml/ lit of water/HA, Grape 400-600 ml/HA



Thrips , Mealy Bug, Aphids, Jassid, White Fly, BPH (Brown Plant Hopper), GLH (Green Leaf Hopper) , Hoppers


Preparation of spray mixture: Take the required quantity of insecticide, dilute with a little water, and stir well using a stick, then add the remaining quantity of water as per the spray volume required and mix well again by stirring. b) Plant protection equipment: Use a knapsack sprayer, foot sprayer, compression knapsack sprayer, compression knapsack battery sprayer, or ASPEE-HTP sprayer. COMPATIBILITY: Buprofezin 25% SC is compatible with commonly used insecticides and fungicides. 


Insecticides used for control of selected insect pests such as brown plant hopper on paddy and aphid, leaf hopper, and whitefly on vegetable crops. Also, act as an insect growth regulator. A broad spectrum, systemic and contact insecticide, and a basic insect growth regulator. It works more effectively if used in combination with predators and parasitoids.

Time of Applications:

Interference with chitin synthesis in larval stages, Failure of the cuticle to develop fully & Mortality during molting