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Oswal Crop Borohit Plus - All Vegetables _ Cereal and Fruit Crops

Borohit Plus

All Vegetables & Cereal and Fruit Crops



Potato, Vegetables, Fruits



250-300 gm/acre in 125 -150 liter water




Borohit Plus is a combination of Boron (Ca as CaO 30% and B 4%) in chelated form which is important for physiological and biochemical processes in the plant. Transport of boron and calcium to the vegetable decreases during fruit development. Boron improves the solubility and mobility of calcium in vegetables and regulates the carbohydrate metabolism, besides helping in the absorption of Nitrogen.


Thus Borohit Plus help in the free transport of calcium coupled with boron and performs even in calcareous soil and hick alkaline soil since it is a chelated mix. Boron is essential to maintain the structural integrity of plant membranes along with calcium and is involved in nucleic acid metabolism. Production of vegetable crops is adversely affected much more than vegetative growth with a low supply of available boron.

Time of Applications:

Make a solution of Borohit Plus 250-300 gm per acre in 125-150 liter water. Use in 2nd spray 7-10 day Interval. Apply In a basal dose of 500 gm per acre with mixed fertilizer.