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Oswal Crop Diamond Gold - Organic Fertilizer (Liquid)

Diamond Gold

Organic Fertilizer (Liquid)



Paddy, Fruits, All Crops, Horticulture



250-500 ml/acre




Diamond Gold is a distinguished bio-organic fertilizer generated by amino acids and other micronutrients. It affects the biochemical activities and supports and accelerates the process of building up of natural phytohormones (auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, ethylene) within the plant, plus, phenomenally enhances its immunity potential.


Effectively secures the plant from natural disparities resulting in the clean splendor, magnificent tillering, and might of retention of flowers and fruits. It also promotes the extensive growth of roots for the overall development of the plant. It also adds to the quality of yield and produce.

Time of Applications:

Application: 1. For Paddy, at planting / 10-12 days after planting. Second application – 30-35 days after plantation. 2. For Fruits & Horticulture crops, repeat in 15-20 days time. Diamond Gold is a Unique Plant Care Product that helps to: 1. Boost Flowering. 2. Increase Fruit Size and Quality. 3. Increase Grain Size and Grain Formation. 4. Increase Yield. The direction of use: 250-500 ml per acre.