Oswal Crop Oswal Potash - Potash Mobilizing Bacteria

Oswal Potash

Potash Mobilizing Bacteria



Sugarcane, Citrus, Potato, Tobacco, Fruits







After Nitrogen and Phosphorus, Potash is the only major nutrient required by all crops. Potash (K) is the only essential plant nutrient which selflessly works for plant growth, it enhances the ability of plants to resist disease and pest attack, cold and other adverse conditions. Potash is essential for formation of starch, in production and translocation of sugars, and is thus of special value for sugarcane, potato, beet root. It improves equality of tobacco, citrus and other fruits, makes grain of cereals plumpy and straw strong. Potash corrects the ill effects of excess of nitrogen. Plants fail to absorb potash even if large quantity is available in the soil as it is in insoluble form.


It’s contains very effective cell mass of potash solubilizing Bacteria (Frateuria aurentia) which helps to convert insoluble inorganic potash into simple and soluble form, which is easily available to plants.

Time of Applications:

Mix 2-4 Kg of along with other bio-products in 30-40 Kg soil or fully decomposed farm yard manure and broadcasting it over one acre of land at the time of last ploughing. In plantation crops, incorporate this mixture in the feeder zone and irrigate the field immediately after spreading.